Staying Positive During a Job Search

A job search, especially when your stint of unemployment stretches from weeks into months, can be a hard thing to bear.  But it’s important to try to stay positive during your search.  There are several things you can do to help yourself.  You’ll find no shortage of great articles on the subject and they all have some excellent suggestions.

One thing they usually have in common is the advice to take care of yourself.  Unemployment, for any reason, can be a major hit to your self-confidence and the seeming hopelessness of your situation can be easy to succumb to.  This inspiring blog post serves up several good points.  One of them being that all too often we judge ourselves and our sense of worth by what we do for a living, and when that rug is pulled out from under us it can often leave us feeling less than useless.  But you are not your paycheck.  You are not your title.

Be gentle with yourself.  You can use this time, not only for finding other and better work, but to take some time for you.  Recharge your batteries.  Do some things that you enjoy, something that  makes you happy.  Get caught up on projects you’ve been meaning to do for the house.  Spend more time with your friends and family.  Try to gain some new perspective on your life and maybe reevaluate your goals.  Read.

There are many things you can do to ease the burn of unemployment, but giving in to despair is not one of them.  Share with us your advice for staying positive during your job search.

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  2. [...] According to a report issued by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics on May 7, the unemployment rate increased a bit to 9.9% from 9.7% where it had hovered for the first part of 2010.  Oddly, the report also stated that some industries were adding jobs such as government, manufacturing,  leisure and hospitality.  Regardless of the difficulty in making sense of some of the numbers that constantly fly at us concerning the job market, it’s important to try to stay positive if you find yourself among the unemployed. [...]

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