StumbleUpon + $10,000 Bonus = Win


We all know that unemployment is high, just like the song by Stevie Ray, ‘money’s tight, nothing’s free’, but you can still make a little cash with very little effort just by referring your friends to jobs!  Chumbonus has revolutionized job crowdsourcing, and it’s good to see that other companies are hopping onboard.  We recently came across a real gem…

@GMC on Twitter

As you can see, several weeks ago, Garrett Camp, CEO of the social media site StumbleUpon—one of the top 200 sites on the web—put out a call for a high level programmer, offering an astounding $10,000 referral bonus!  That’s a nice chunk of change if you know a good PHP Architect.  And StumbleUpon seems like a really fun place to work – check out their Flickr photostream below:

Don’t know any PHP Architects?  That’s ok—we’ve got oodles of other jobs that will also pay a handsome bonus – see for yourself with a job search.

Cash incentives are nothing new, but may be gaining in popularity.  Taking a cue from social media, companies are tapping the power of the crowd for results.  Check out this article from HR World listing 15 major companies that offer nice referral bonuses for helping them find talent.  You might recognize a few of the names there, like:  IBM, Nortel, Ernst & Young.  According to Ed Brodie, Ernst & Young’s national director of recruiting, referrals tend to result in better employee retention and a better fit for the talent they bring in.

It’s not just about the money; these companies realize that hiring through referrals can result in a tighter sense of community and involvement in the work place, which benefits, not just the bottom line, but everybody.

Back to StumbleUpon – we’ve found that an average referral bonus is more around the $2,000 range.  What do you think StumbleUpon’s $10,000 offer says about the position? Too high? Just right? Let us know in the comments.

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